If you’ve visited our services page you have seen that we offer a Year Round Maintenance program to many areas of the DFW Metroplex including Preston Hollow, Southlake, Westlake, Highland Park and more. But what does that mean exactly? We wanted to take a quick minute and give you a brief overview of what it entails. As you’ll see below, we take pride in keeping our clients home looking beautiful and fresh 12 months out of the year.

Turf Grass – All vegetation and ground covered areas are maintained and trimmed weekly according to common horticultural practices for North Texas.

Ground Trimming – All appropriate areas are maintained using biodegradable trimmer line along fence lines and flowerbeds.

Hedge Maintenance – We adhere to the common practices in every area including the proper pruning for each type of hedge.

Flowerbeds – The clearing of weeds and unwanted greenery is performed on a regular basis.

Fertilizing – We use high quality fertilizers throughout the four seasons, which includes Insecticide Treatments to keep the property insect free.

Hard Surfaces – All hard surfaces are cleared of debris every week to keep concrete and paved areas clean. Patios and pool furniture are also cleaned.

Leaf Maintenance – the majority of leaf clearing is done in the fall months, which includes both mulching leaves and removing.

Overview – The maintenance listed above is performed for tree heights 8ft and under.

Color Changes – Up to 4 flower changes can be applied every year giving vibrant color year round. ***Color changes are not included in our Complete Maintenance Program but special prices are always provided for existing clients

Winter Grass – Upon your request, we will install the highest quality perennial rye grass during the winter months. This installation is done at the cost of product seed and fertilizer only.

No Contract Required – We never ask any client to sign a contract. We believe doing our job correctly brings a better commitment than any contract ever could.

We would love the opportunity to speak to you and schedule a time to swing by your property and provide you with a monthly estimate. You may call or text us at 817-500-1717 or email us at ashley@lonestarlandscaping.com.

Aaron and Ashley Goar